Data Science Day 2018

The second Data Science Day again took place at the "Rosensäle". A keynote was given by Kristian Kersting, TU Darmstadt, who convinced the audience of one of his favourite dreams: the automatic data scientist. The key idea behind this vision is to put probabilistic deep learning into the data science stack. In doing so, Kristian Kersting envisions a form of artifical intelligence that makes data analysis and reporting accessible to a broader audience of non-data scientists. Like its predecessor, the second Data Sciene Day was well-attended and paved the way to organize this event annually.

A summary of the presentations is as follows:

Title of Presentation Speaker Affiliation
The Automatic Data Scientist Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting TU Darmstadt
Bringing Deep Learning to Practice Dr. Alexander Freytag Carl Zeiss AG
A Short Introdction to Statistical Learning Theory Prof. Dr. Joachim Giesen FSU Jena
Fundamentals of Data Visualization Philipp Lucas FSU Jena
GPU Computing Prof. Dr. Gerhard Zumbusch FSU Jena
Panel Discussion: Data Science at Jena Michael Selle City of Jena