Data Science Day 2017

The first Data Science Day took place in a beautiful and historic building purchased by the university in 1787. Until the 20th century, the "Rosensäle" were mainly used for music-related performances. Today, after an extensive renovation in 1990, it has become a major location for academic and cultral events. The aim of the Data Science Day was to bring together the numerous regional players with a genuine interest in all aspects of data science including machine learning, data analysis, and big data. This intention was clearly reflected by a mixed list of speakers representing academia, industry, and society. For instance, in his invited talk, Markus Döhring of BASF showed how well-etablished actions in planning, prioritization, and reasoning that were previously carried out manually are today fully automized or significantly influenced by algorithms. He also gave illustrating examples of resulting ethical and social questions that need to be addressed in today's working environments.

The following list of talks gives an impression of the breadth of topics addressed in this event that was attended by around 100 participants.

Title of Presentation Speaker Affiliation
Data Science at DLR Dr. Andreas Gerndt German Aerospace Center
The Major Big Data Challenge: Finding Good Questions ... and Answering them! Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Hagen Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Predictive Analytics: Projects and Challenges Konstanze Olschewski Alpha Analytics
Machine Learning for Commerce Personalization Dr. Bharath Krishnan Salesforce
Research Data Management – Should I Care? Prof. Dr. Birgitta König-Ries FSU Jena
Open Data and Urban Society Michael Selle City of Jena
Internet of Things – How Devices Learn Autonomously Dr. Michael Thess Signal Cruncher
Deep Optics – Optical Intelligence Goes Artificial Dr. Jörg Petschulat Carl Zeiss AG
From Reporting System to Data Science – CRM Analyses Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Mario Eckhardt Accenture Cloud First
Intershop Commerce Advisor – How Smart Advisor Minimizes Risks in B2B Business Dr.-Ing. Arndt Döhler Intershop Communications AG
Computational and Data Science: A New Degree Program for a New Discipline Prof. Dr. Martin Bücker FSU Jena
Rebellion of Machines – Machine Learning as a Universal Remedy in Business? Dr. Markus Döhring BASF